How sad…

Yesterday I was certain of it. I was SURE.
I was going downtown to take some pictures, and expected something fun and weird would happen to me … but … it didn’t. Nothing happened. At all. Not one crazy, no drug addicts, no freaks. Not. One. Thing. As utterly mind-boggling and distressing as this is, it did sort of renew my peace with the town, and the only drunks I ran into last night were my friends. (Hi, guys! Love you!) But hey, I got a few photos out of it (231… heh, I’m not an addict! I can quit whenever I WANT) so what the hell, I’ll throw them up here. Oh! And on a good note, I got a job interview. Unluckily, this place has, and always will have, a VERY high potential for stalking behavior and creepiness from patrons. Yes, people — I’m going back to a cafe. A rather unwise choice considering my reputation as a magnet, but all the more amusing for anyone that notices this blog, here. Once the theater reopens, we’ll see what happens.

So, I think I’ll try again today. If I REALLY want to go nuts, I’ll go out tonight to Miami.


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