I don’t listen.


It’s a bad habit. People tell me to do something, and if I don’t particularly agree with it, I might wind up doing the opposite. I don’t mean to do it out of spite, but I have a tendency to know what action I should take in a situation and don’t like second-guessing myself. I was told not to write about this because someone might think it’s about them. That’s not my problem if they see themselves in this. That’s for them to consider, for if you see yourself here, there’s your answer. That’s why this is being written, and no, it’s not about me. I’m not that much of a dick.

So, this is a story of a little girl, living a little lie in a little town. She lied her way in and out of friendships, relationships, places and things. Not once did she learn a lesson, however, and kept right on trying to be more than she was– a lost little girl without a place to call her own.

One day, that little girl found a man! She pranced about for the man with the genuineness of a senator in a sex scandal, and landed her prize. This wasn’t enough, though, and she needed more. “More approval!” her brain screamed. The next step was simple enough– make friends. Many, many friends. So many friends that the lies started to spill over in the wrong directions, and people started to take notice. It wasn’t what she had expected. What’s a little girl to do?

Suddenly, more and more people started to whisper.

“What the hell is she doing?”

“Is she crazy?”

“Doesn’t anyone else see this?”

While some were assuaged, others didn’t turn a blind eye so lightly. They knew better, and refused to cave. Still, silence was about all they could muster– things had become so twisted up that nobody was sure what to believe. It was time for damage control, so the obvious step was to redirect all blame elsewhere. Oh look at this other person over here! They did bad things! You must believe me!

Where they can often be found having sex.

Yet, she rode on that valiant high horse to her ultimate destiny. Eventually, when it became obvious enough she couldn’t win, it was time for plan X: Say nothing. “If your mouth is closed, the lies don’t come out!” she reasoned, and nobody can put the blame on her.It was almost a wise move. When her family was fed up, the people turned their backs, and she was left scraping the bottom for anyone she could find to believe her martyr stories, she did the only thing she could: Ran away, again. Never rectify, never fix, never apologize! Just flee, flee! So she did.

As she fled, she waved her tear-soaked rags at them all, screaming how nobody understood the pain she went through. People shrugged, people laughed, people mumbled. Nobody cared. So she moved far and away, to become someone else’s false dream girl, if only for a little while. Eventually they’d catch on, too, and do the same. All the while she would build up more lies to tell to gain sympathy and love, never thinking twice that perhaps someone might notice the slight changes in story.

In the end, people vowed to never fall for it again. Everyone got a high-five and a pat on the back over how smart they were for seeing it well after the original observant few gave up trying. About this time, the new one was planting seeds and plotting her new uprising to take place of the last little girl, like all the others before her.

On and on it goes, in the typical South Florida fashion, ruining men as the girls prance and flaunt their misdeeds.


2 thoughts on “I don’t listen.

  1. i feel bad for the little girl. she seems fucked up and nobody can help her. but then again, it’s south florida.

  2. Yeah… that’s the problem. Some of them come here looking for a savior, but just end up in much worse situations. At the same time, I wish they’d come to the realization that a little bit of effort to just be decent goes a long way.

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