Look how dusty this poor thing is.

It’s amazing the things you tend to set aside when all else starts falling on your head.

This year– oh, 2013. What a monster you turned out to be. It seemed like every single week was rife with some new ailment, a new problem that seemed impossible to fix, or a person standing in my way.

I travelled across the country and back, flew up the country and invaded the nation’s capitol for a moment, gained and lost friends, started losing my hearing, discovered invading brain balls in me, became a recluse and back again. It’s been very strange. As I sit here easing myself back out of hiding (slowly now, I don’t want to get provoked and pee out of fear) I noticed I’ve missed quite a bit. Not intentional– I didn’t have a lot of say in the matter. But here I am, and the first thing I want to do is write. And write. I haven’t stopped since I started.

Tomorrow is Christmas eve, and I plan on using that to my full advantage. I’ve got nothing else to do but write my ass off, and I fully intend to, including finally ripping the photos from my trip off my camera and detailing it all here.

Damn it’s nice to be back here.