Here’s the deal. I got my head sliced open. I’m a little bit off lately, for obvious reasons. However, the writing bug bit me again and I want to get right back where I left off. Where that was, I can only guess, because it’s been a long damn time since I have done this. Please hold while I reboot.

So. First off, I’m terrible at following directions. I wasn’t supposed to go wandering like I did after surgery. Not supposed to do this, do that, the other thing(s). Again, terrible. I did all of those things and more – I still am. However, I’ve healed up nicely. But the thing about surgery like this is that it takes way longer to heal inside than you’d think. People can be “off” for over a year after you poke the brain. And I certainly am. As my doctor said yesterday, “it looks like a war zone in there.”


I’m not 100% positive on how it’s different. I have a skewed perspective, being me. All I know is that my head still hurts, as usual, and I can’t lift my right eyebrow properly, and other strange little quirks. So there’s your fancy update on that.

This may end up basically a “how my body is attempting to kill me today!” blog with random pictures and posts about cool shit I’ve seen. And out here, there’s a LOT of cool shit. I don’t know yet. I may put the previous format to rest, since it’s a whole other life now out here.img_20161013_125709

Things are far different now than they ever were in Florida. That’s not a bad thing.


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